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Sharon thought she had the perfect life, she was married to a wonderful man and had two beautiful children. A little girl and a little a boy. In her eyes, it couldn’t have been any better. Although in other people’s, eyes it probably wasn’t perfect as her husband was in remission from pancreatic cancer, and her son had complex special needs and was very challenging.
Nine years later on New Year’s Eve, Simon’s cancer had come back. 
Not exactly the new year they had hoped for!
That is when Sharon’s world came crashing down, Simon had all the usual cancer treatment and was very sick, and after 6 months Simon finally lost his life.
Sharon also felt like she had lost her life too, she lost her husband, her soul mate, her best friend, her children’s father. She just didn’t want to be here anymore and thank God she had to for her children.
Sharon only got out of bed in the morning to get her children ready for school, and felt so lonely, lost and overwhelmed.
Many years later and after being in two serious relationships, Sharon realised that the only relationship that was missing in her life was a relationship with herself. Sharon never loved herself.
And after doing a lot of personal development Sharon has now found her true passion in life, and for the last 14 years Sharon has been supporting families going through the grieving process. She has found what her soul is here for, and that is to share with you what has taken her 17 years to discover. To help you come out of the darkest and most painful place, and to help you see the light again.
Sharon believes her darkest times have been a gift to share with others.

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