take small steps in the right direction.
we all need support, guidance and courage 
in our journey through grief.

The death of your spouse isn’t what you signed up for, life is now very different, and you probably thought you were together forever.
Your life may have started together like a fairy tale but it hasn’t ended well, it wasn’t what you planned or ever dreamt about.

No matter what you have been through, however dark and painful there is still a chance for a new life for you. One that is worth living.
It is so important that you grieve fully, before you can live fully again without your loved one.
And in time my hope is that as you work through your pain and sadness, you will be able to discover the meaning there.

Through my programme you learn how to go through your loss, and grow from what grieves you.
Its so important to find peace and live with loss.
Lets do this together.

For a small price of £49 please don’t let the cost hold you back, as this will help you to have a richer life. I am here to support you

6 Week Online Program.

It is better to take small steps in the right direction
than to make a leap forward only to stumble backwards.
Week One - The Stages of grief.
We look into the different stages of grief and how we go through them.
Everyone grieves differently there is not a set way to go through these stages and often people get stuck in a stage, lets discover more and move forward together.

Week Two - Talking to Kids
You are the most important person in your child's life right now and they need you now more than ever. I share my advice and experience on how to look after you whilst still supporting your grieving children.
Week Three - Holistic Therapies
With specialist Ali Lomax
I am passionate to share with you the natural ways that can help us in these dark times as I felt I learnt these too late.

Week Four - Challenges Alone
When we get real and realise there are some things we hadn't even thought about having to do for ourselves or about how these things would effect us when they do come up.
Week Five -  Survival Tips
How to keep going when all hope seems lost, how little things can make a huge difference. 
We learn how to accept help, reach out and ask for it.

Week Six - Vibrations.
With specialist June Love Lawrence.
We take a deep look into our emotions and discover where we currently are and powerful ways we can start to heal ourselves and raise our own vibrations.

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